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Christine D. Brown - Westfield Early Intervention Advocate
Megan Contreras - Part Time Westfield Early Intervention Advocate

Westfield Board of Directors
President: Brent Ehrman
President-elect: Janelle Campbell
Secretary: Laura Crum
Treasurer: Steve Warner

Board:  Eric Douthit, Rob Garrett, Larry Gray, Mike Hall, Ron Honken, Scott Jordan, Ken Kingshill, Ryan McKeown, and Alison Van Natta, Dan Ventling and Brian Wittler

Ex-officio: Tricia Akers, Mayor Andy Cook, Judge Steven Nation, Judge Paul Felix, Christine Brown, Danielle Tolan, Dr. Sherry Grate, Brian Zaiger


Finance and Fundraising
Volunteer Recruitment
Recreation and Camps
Mentors and Tutors
Youth and Volunteer Recognition
Marketing and Public Relations