Hamilton County Youth Assistance Program


The Hamilton County Youth Assistance Program was developed in the fall of 2009, as a pilot program in Westfield, Indiana with the the hope that it would be expanded to other communities within Hamilton County.

The Program was modeled after the successful Oakland County, Michigan Youth Assistance Program, which began in 1953.  In a desire to be proactive in assisting the healthy development of Westfield youth and their families, local leaders investigated the Oakland County model and sought to adapt it to address the needs of local youth by coordinating the unharnessed capacity of numerous local individuals, service providers and organizations.


Tricia Akers - Director of Hamilton County
Christine D. Brown - Westfield Case Worker
Joy Petty - Noblesville Case Worker

Westfield Board of Directors

President: Ken Kingshill
President-elect: Eric Douthit
Secretary: Amy Urbanski
Treasurer: Rev. Tim Krupski (interim
Board: Kurt Aikman, Veronica Charles, Eric Douthit, Scott Jordan, Mike Hall, Kimberly Hill, Jeff McDermott, Dave Read, Chase Stinson, Curtis Whitesell, Brent Ehrman

Ex-officio: Tricia Akers, Mayor Andy Cook, Judge Steven Nation, Judge Paul Felix, Christine Brown


Finance and Fundraising
Volunteer Appointment
Recreation and Camps
Mentors and Tutors
Youth and Volunteer Recognition
Marketing and Public Relations