Fishers Youth Assistance Program (FYAP)provides free, confidential, short-term,family-centered case management and referral services for young people, 3 - 17 years of age, and their families who attend or live within the Hamilton Southeastern School District. Children can be referred by the schools, police, service providers, and parents themselves with concerns about their child. 

A FYAP Early Intervention Advocate will work with the child and parent/caregiver to understand the specific challenges the child is experiencing and develop an action plan to help put the child on a better life course. The focus of the action plan is on the family as a whole with both the youth and parents very involved in the programs selected to help bring about change. Services are usually short-term and are coordinated with the help of other local agencies and health and wellness organizations within the City of Fishers or Hamilton County.  

Much of the initial meeting with an Early Intervention Advocate will be spent talking through the family and youth recent history and then the behavioral, mental, or educational issues that need to be addressed.

Generally, parents or caregivers are asked to attend the first meeting without the youth, especially when working with younger students.