HSE/Fishers Summer Lunch Program

The FYAP Board is seeking financial support and volunteers to expand its 2018 Summer Lunch Program to serve between 300 to 500 students, who need a source of food during the summer months. 


The HSE/Fishers Summer Lunch Program started as a response to the needs of one family. Despite having a dual-income household, a family reached out to staff in the summer of 2016 looking for resources to defer food costs. During the school year, this family received school meals at a reduced rate. However, with all three children home for the summer, they were quickly suffering financially.

Unfortunately, with the socio-economic base within Hamilton County, the school systems are not able to receive any state or federal financial support for any meal programs in the summer.  Accordingly, there is a gap in meals for those families during the summer time.

For the summer of 2017, more than 12,000 meals were served to 185 children. The program garnered support from the Fishers Fire Department, as well as five community food drives. The depth of support came from direct funding provided, in large part, by St. Louis de Montfort Catholic Church, Kroger Corp. and the Fishers Police Department sponsored Pack-A-Cruisier event that brought in over 11,000 items.  



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