WYAP Calls for Community Volunteers

If you could make a life-long difference in the life of a child, would you jump at the chance? Westfield Youth Assistance Program is set up to reach children who need a hand-up to make a lasting difference in their lives. It’s goal is to reach “at-risk” children and youth (ages 3 – 17 ½) and to provide them assistance and meaningful adult mentors to help them avoid dysfunctional behavior and truancy and in their place to help them take steps toward being a productive member of our community. A coalition of the City of Westfield, the Hamilton County Courts, the Westfield/Washington School District, and the Community at-large has come together to address this need. Referrals of youth to WYAP are made by the school counselors and law enforcements officers in cases when behavior has not reached a level of prosecution. Case work, family education and counseling, one-on-one placement with an adult mentor or tutor, and recreational camp opportunities are made available to assist the child to find a way to climb out of broken family systems and to begin steps on the road to a happier and healthier life.

However, the backbone of such a broad-front effort is dependent on the volunteerism and will of the community to make this program succeed. On a yearly basis there will be a need for 150 to 200 mentor volunteers for a 1-2 hour/week, year-long commitment. Tutoring programs at each of the elementary schools and the Middle School will require 200+ adults and teens stepping up to provide a one-night-per-week assistance to students who struggle to succeed in their classes. A myriad of support volunteers, serving in recognition events, fund raising and development efforts, communication and PR outreach, volunteer recruitment and management, and advisory boards will be required to pull off this monumental task. Yet, if many Westfield citizens, individually, do some small part, the battle will be won and kids will be rescued to live out meaningful and productive lives.

How can you help? There are three ways:

If you would like to learn more about the Mentor Plus program, contact: Tricia Akers tricia.akers@hamiltoncounty.in.gov T 317. 804-3019 C 317. 946.3015 Or for an information/application packet, contact: jeanine@lollutheran.org

If you would like to learn more about tutoring opportunities beginning in August, contact: Tim Krupski tkrupski@lollutheran.org T 317-867-5673

If you would like to volunteer on a committee or advisory board, contact: Cindy Olson colson@westfield.in.gov